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Aug 9, 2017 ... Garage Slot Discount - posted in General Discussion: How much longer ... 3- every time you get a free tank from a container and you don't want ... Free Garage Slot? - General Discussion - World of Tanks Blitz ... Apr 21, 2016 ... Free Garage Slot? - posted in General Discussion: Just woke up to a free garage slot. Was this for everyone? Or from an event of sorts? Using Gold Wisely - World of Tanks - WoT Guru

Dec 03, 2015 · selling extra garage slots? - posted in General Discussion: Where can one dump the extra garage slots that are no longer going to be needed. I have been clearing out tanks in my garage. I had 183 tank down to 137 and still more to go. Just only being able to do 5 per day it is going to take some time. i have 46 extra garage slots planning on only keeping around 80 tanks

Claim Care Package Alpha with Twitch Prime | General News The World of Tanks and Twitch Prime special offers are now available! Get your hands on a crate of goodies. Release Notes 7.3 | Game | World of Tanks World of Tanks Release Notes 7.3 - general information about WoT release 7.3, stay informed about the latest features of free online mmo team-based multiplayer pc game for boys

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May 22, 2011 · Garage slots price - posted in Gameplay: So i just found out garage slots were cheaper over the weekend. Are these things announced anywhere? I couldnt find a single word about this. I cant play over weekends due to my ISP because they are not able to get real infrastructures so ping doesnt go double so ofc i missed this. Paying 300g per slot is ridiculously expensive. WoT 7th birthday Free Gift Garage Slot Filler « Status Report Jul 30, 2017 · On August 12th World of Tanks turns seven years old and this is the gift tank for that occasion. This tank was originally covered here and the stats haven’t changed since. World of Tanks - The Garage Screen

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Garage Slots : WorldofTanks - reddit So, I see a lot of posts with people who have like 50 tanks and 30 vacant garage slots; how in the world do you get so many? I certainly cannot afford to buy slots at 300 gold a piece. Is there a trick to getting that many slots? Is there often a mega sale for that kind of thing? Free Garage Slot? - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

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Welcome Spring with a Big Special | Special Offers | World of Trees are green again, birds are back, and tankers prepare for a new special! T26E3 Eagle 7 Spearhead Release | Premium Shop Offers | World A special bundle and missions where you can earn the acclaimed book! Copa World of Tanks Contest | Contests | World of Tanks In celebration of the highly anticipated soccer tournament, Copa América, Copa World of Tanks is a competition pitting the most popular tier VI tanks in the Americas against one another in an epic struggle for dominance!